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When this war is over people in Ukraine will need to rebuild their future And that includes infrastructure some parts of Ukraine have been completely destroyed and they will have to be rebuilt and people will need temporary homes to live in we hope to provide them and are working towards that goal so please if you have experience in Temporary habitats we would love to hear from you, we need to plan now for there future.


Humanitarian aid vehicle
Overseeing a delivery

A smile is a moment, the memory a lifetime!


Would you like to volunteer?  Do you have experience of fundraising?  Or do you have the  enthusiasm to fundraise and gain that experience?  We urgently need volunteers to help us increase donations. Please step forward!  

Brin Williams in bomb shelter

Medical Aid
Together with our partners, we have already managed to deliver many tons of medical aid to Ukraine, using a network which we helped set up. Working with medical professionals, we send what is needed to where it is needed.

Humanitarian Aid

Admin Volunteers

We need you! We are looking for volunteers to help with a wide range of administration tasks within our organisation. If you can offer an hour of volunteering time a week to help us with the admin which is crucial to the efficiency of our operation, please come forward! 


We Need You

Shoebox Appeal 

Shoebox Gift Aid is a very good way of sending a message to the people. It says we care!  Packed by us for you - it really works.  We are going to grow this wonderful aid to reach more people but we can't do that without you.  So we are looking for shoebox aid champions to run our shoebox campaigns in your area.    

Child receiving shoe box

We are receiving urgent requests for food supplies, in particular foods which can be made with boiling water - pasta, rice, oats etc. Can you help us by volunteering to organise food supplies? If so, please contact us now and make a difference!

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