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In 1992 we took time out of our lives to set up a humanitarian effort in the Balkans. Sadly, 30 years later, we are here again.  Having learnt many lessons from that war we are able, with experience, to run an effective and efficient operation.  The aim of our organisation 'Humanitarian Aid Now' is to procure and transport medical and general aid to Ukraine using the most cost effective method possible, to maximise the power of your donations.  We do this by working with our partners across the UK, Poland and Ukraine (from transport organisations to medical professionals and the caring public), all coming together to make a lasting impact on the lives of those in this terrible war. 
Loading supplies
Across the seas
Not sure how you can help ? Well, you can get involved with our Shoebox Gift Appeal!  Our last mission to Ukraine - while assessing the medical routes - was to deliver shoebox gifts made up by schools and individuals across the UK. It was so successful that we are now making a push for many more and need your help to make up shoeboxes (as individuals) or to set up a hub in your local community to make up shoeboxes, to a specific packing list which will be provided by us. Please follow the link.  We need you to sign up.

Some of the gifts from the school children in the uk. 

Working in partnership with medical NGOs in the UK, we have been able to procure and transport many tons of badly needed medical supplies to where there is most demand, all in conjunction with trained medical personnel from the UK and Ukraine. The medical equipment is checked, assigned to a hospital in Ukraine, transported to a hub in Lviv and then sent on to the relevant hospital. The system we have in place has been personally checked by us to assure speed and efficiency.
Still queuing

Passing through a checkpoint in Ukraine on our way to Lviv, there are many to get through.


Please support the International Christian Medical and Dental Association


Medical Aid delivered to where its needed.

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